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About Alphil International Ltd

We are a premier marketing and distributing agency based in NairobiKenya, Cameroon, Turkey. We trade in all grades of fibre including 3L, UG, ssUG, UHDS, TOW and sisal products.

Brief History

Located in the alluvial plain of kenya, MogotIo  district, Athnal region, more than 300 kilometres southwest of nairobi, kenya, the vicli trading limited  Sisal Farm (Nakuru) invested by vilci trading limited (Group) Corporation covers an area of 7000 hectares of fertile dark land.The farm was established in 2000 at the investment of USD1.2 million.


Up to early 2005, 1142 hectares have been cultivated with three species of sisals: H11648, Hybrid and Tissue Culture, the later was provided by the International Sisal Research Institute with high drought and water logging tolerance. The initial harvest of 300 tones of sisal fibre was in 2004 after 3 years of maturing period, it is predicted the production of sisal fibre may reach as much as 1,000 tones this year. Selling of the fibre is also quite promising, for at the end of 2004, a purchasing contract of 1,000 tones of sisal fibre had been signed with local buyers.


 Sisal fibre can be used as raw material for making rope, polishing stuff, carpet, liner of automobile or even the stuff material of optical fibre cable. Currently the world demand for sisal fibre is on the rise. It is estimated 1 hectare sisal will produce 4 tons of fibre per annum. The fully cultivated farm will have the 28,000 tons potential of fibre production annually.


The farm employed 40 local workers, and more farmers from the neighbouring villages were temporarily employed as seasonal workers in different growing stage and processing procedure. It seems that the farm has boosted the economy of the local village, where the once bleak street has emerged the sign of prosperity.

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