How to order

                                                          How to order

Dear Wholesale Buyer,

We thank you very much for your promotion of African art and your patronage. 
Buying African handcrafted products ensures work and livelihood for thousand of highly 
talented craft producers and their families. Your buying African art ensures their children 
are fed, clothed and sent to school. Our Staff is standing by to take your phone and 
internet orders and give answers to your requests for product information. 
Ordering by phone should be followed by written quote through email.


Our wholesaler prices are in US Dollars and have been made standard to all our 
customers and for all our worldwide business transactions. 

Our prices do not include handling and shipping costs.

Order method

Make your selection and e-mail us with the list of product codes and quantities. 
All Products are organized by the Code Number. Be sure to keep a note of the item 
number of any specific African art work that you want to order so that our customer 
service staff will know exactly which piece you are referring to.Our minimums for a 
production order are according to customer instruction.
For sample order, we would not give any limitation of all total of sample quantities but please 
send the samples fee together with the samples request.

Using Order Form
Make your choices using our product   ( Website). Prices for custom made items will be 
given separately. Using a simple ordering form with fields comprising Code, Item, 
Quantities, Unit Price and Order Amount, identify each item using its product code, 
specify quantities you are ordering, state unit price and find the order amount for the 
item. Illustrated below is a simple ordering form made in MS Excel. Do not forget to 
have your letterhead on your order form.


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